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COVID 19: Living Mindfully, Not Just Surviving

Founder's Message

2020-2021 has highlighted so many profound changes in lives, culture, and world. The pandemic has not only highlighted changes in physical and social life but also impacted our emotional well being.

We no longer go to our neighbors and shake hands, walk to work without a mask, or hug our cousins. We live in isolation with a higher level of stress than ever before.

How can we say that this prolonged chronic change doesn’t also impact our moods and emotional well-being? It does!! This pandemic has illustrated how mental health is a universal in humanity and needs to be cared for.

So for mental health awareness I think we should celebrate! Celebrate the demise of the stigma around mental health and move forward with caring for each other and our own emotional health. We are all humans managing 2021. Let’s celebrate together the joy of self care. Prioritize your mental health and reach out to us.

-Vikram S Panwar

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