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Who Is A Psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has done his MBBS training and then specialized in treating people with mental health problem. . Psychiatrists are uniquely qualified to assess both mental and physical aspects of psychological disturbances. Their medical education has given them a full working knowledge of both physical illness and psychological problems. They can treat patients with both medications 

What is the duration and frequency of  each session ?Do you offer audio or video chat sessions ?

The duration of a therapy session is between 40 min to 60 min and for a Psychiatric consultation its upto 30 min. Once a week sessions are the standard for individual counseling, though clients are welcome to seek more frequent sessions if they are in crisis or want greater insight.


We do offer online sessions via google meet/teams/WhatsApp/facetime. Duration of these sessions are as long as in clinic sessions.

Psychiatric medicines have to be taken life long ?

Not all medications given are life long, in fact majority of the patient treated for psychiatry problems get off their medications in due course of time or are off medications when they are fine. Some patients may have to take medications for considerable period of time and even lifelong but they form a smaller portion of the patients seen by psychiatrists.

Remember that many physical illnesses too need medication for lifelong like diabetes, hypertension.

Am I crazy if I am going to a Psychiatrist or a therapist ?

No, you are not crazy if you are going to a psychiatrist or a therapist. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and seeking professional help is a sign of strength. It can be difficult to talk to a stranger about personal issues, but they are highly trained to help you work through your problems. They can help you identify underlying causes of your issues, provide coping strategies, and offer support to help you find solutions. Seeing a psychiatrist does not mean that you are crazy – it means that you are taking steps to make sure that you have the best mental health possible

Who is a Clinical Psychologist ?

Clinical Psychologist or Psychotherapist is a mental health professional who has done Masters  and then MPhil in Clinical Psychology. They are lisenced professionals registered with Rehabilitation Council Of India.

A clinical Psychologist specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental health conditions and mental disorders. They use a variety of techniques to help people understand their emotions, behaviors, and thoughts, and develop coping skills to manage their mental health issues. 

All medicines prescribed by a psychiatrist are addictive?

No, not all medicines prescribed by psychiatrists are addictive. Some medications are used to treat mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, and these medications are not necessarily addictive. In some cases, these medications are used to help manage symptoms and improve a person's mental health without becoming addictive.

The medications which cause addiction belong to a group of medications called benzodiazepine which are used by psychiatrists for treating anxiety problems, disturbed sleep, aggression etc. They must be used continuously only for up to 4 weeks and then tapered off and stopped. 

Remember doctors of other specialty also use benzodiazepines for various conditions and psychological problems you might just not be aware of it.

Always ask your doctor if the medications you are receiving can cause dependence. It's also the responsibility of a doctor to tell you about dependence potential of medications.

When Should I see a therapist ?

If you are committed to make personal changes for greater life satisfaction, then you are ready to seek therapy. Many people believe that they need to be suffering from “mental illness” or serious “psychological problems” in order for therapy to be appropriate. This is not the case, anyone can benefit from therapy. You can even choose to come in for insight only.

How can I contact you? What are the charges and payment process?

you can call us directly on 7827515597 and can schedule your appointment. You can also book your appointment via Practo.

Consultation charges for Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist is 2000/-. You can make payment vis UPI or cash.

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