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Psychiatry. Psychology. Research and Training


At Synapses, we also provide specialsed guidance and training to students/interns/professionals in developing and enhancing their Clinical Skills in the field of Mental health.

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The branch of medicine  focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Psychiatrists have deep understanding of emotional and behavioral issues. They diagnose, prescribe medicines and do procedures like rTMS, mECT  

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Psychotherapy is for everyone. Someone who is dealing with a mental illness, their care givers/family and also for those who are experiencing stress, intense emotions, behavioral difficulties and want to improve their life. Psychotherapist at Synapses provides you a safe, non judgmental environment where you can vent out about your experiences and develop effective coping skills to deal with various life challenges

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 Employee's mental health is as important concern as their mental health. As a part of our community service program, we offer free workshops and seminars on important and relevant topics related with mental health like stress management, identifying depression, building emotional resilience

White Sheet

Dr. Vikram Singh Panwar

Co founder and Psychiatrist


Dr. Vikram Singh Panwar has worked extensively in the field of Psychiatry in India as well as USA for  almost 20 years. He is well versed with the latest treatment trends and how that can be used for the benefit for the patients.

His area of expertise are Schizophrenia, Depression and Sexual Disorders

Ms. Namrata Upadhyay is a  RCI registered licensed Clinical Psychologist . In her 10 years of professional career, she has interned and worked with the reputed hospital of Delhi like VIMHANS, Air Force Central Medical Establishment, Army Hospital, R&R, Lok Nayak Jay Prakash  Narayan Hospital, Delhi Psychiatry Centre.


She is well versed with various psychotherapeutic approaches, conduction of Psychometric and Neurological Assessments. 

Namrata Upadhyay

Co founder and Clinical Psychologist
MA. MPhil (RCI Regd)

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Synapses Neuropsychology Clinic ensures a safe place for their clients where they can talk about their concerns, issues experiences without any judgement. Our both Mental Health Professionals are highly Empathetic and they are sensitive towards the clients.

Synapses Neuropsychology Clinic Supports LGBTQ rights

and advocates their emotional

and mental wellbeing. We have been constantly working for wellbeing through various media platforms and have been organizing workshops and seminars for the same.


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